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標題: A-18."Give Me a Note" 給我一個音 [打印本頁]

作者: 麥浪    時間: 2015-6-8 19:56     標題: A-18."Give Me a Note" 給我一個音

"shakuhachi tips"
原作者:柿堺香老師(Kaoru Kakizakai)
英文翻譯: Zachary Braverman
October 1998

A-18."Give Me a Note"  給我一個音

Often when you as a shakuhachi player play with other instruments, you will be asked to provide a note as a reference for the others. This is an important moment for determining the quality of your performance together.

What is important here is not volume or color, but pitch alone. You want to play the exact same pitch you will during the performance. This is not as easy as it sounds.

This is true for other woodwinds as well, but as the shakuhachi warms up, the pitch also rises.As you begin to play a cold shakuhachi, your breath will gradually warm it up,so your pitch will inevitably rise as the song progresses.

Even for experienced professionals, compensating for this as you play is very challenging. That’s why you have to make sure your shakuhachi is already warmed up (to the same state it will be in for the performance) when you play this reference pitch.

Here is something else that happens: The koto (or other instrument player) says “Give me a note”, and you think to yourself “I’ll give ‘em a really great note”. When you make an extra effort at a note like this, you are very likely to blow harder and inadvertently make the pitch higher.

Remember, the pitch has to be as close to the note you will actually be playing as possible.This requires taking into consideration not only the flute’s condition but your own as well.

Once you have given as true a reference pitch possible, keep the shakuhachi warm before the performance by holding it close to you and warming it (especially the top half)with your hands. This hold true for waiting in the wings to play solo as well.

It is also very useful to watch what pros do before they play for useful techniques like this.
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